Matt McNeill

Integral Development Coaching

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Why Coaching?

Sometimes we just feel that something isn't working; sometimes it's not something we can put our finger on, maybe just a feeling of 'stuckness'. It could be that life has been upended and the certainties we held have disappeared, the story we thought we knew has broken down and we're not quite sure where we are. Perhaps our path isn't giving us what we expected and our career isn't everything we thought it would be. Or maybe we're onto something exciting and want help unfolding it into the world.

These reasons, and many more, have led people to Coaching as a positive way to step forward more deeply into life.

The purpose of Integral Development Coaching is to bring our whole selves to the world, to find a way to be in our lives that allows us to fully express our deepest qualities through whatever we do.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore, then this offering may be for you.