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Transcriber is an MS Word Addin utility to assist a typist in transcribing audio files playable by Windows Media Player into text.

It adds a toolbar to microsoft word with several buttons on it. There are several short cut keys for the most useful functions:

Alt-P to pause and unpause the audio playback (requires audio to be playing already)
Alt-. (same button as >) To forward the audio by 5 seconds
Alt-, (same button as <) To rewind the audio by 5 seconds
Alt-S to stamp the time and progress as a footnote

The tool bar provides extra buttons for:

  • Open an audio file
  • <<60, <<10, <<5 rewinds the audio by 60, 10 and 5 second intervals
  • Play starting the audio playback
  • Pause pauses the audio playback
  • Stop stops the audio playback
  • 60>>, 10>>, 5>> forwards the audio by 60, 10 and 5 second intervals
  • A Time edit box. New times may be entered into this playback box to go to a specific point in the playback
  • A Progress information box (editing this does nothing)
  • Stamp This button writes a foot note at the bottom of the current page summarising progress so far. It contains information about the audio file being transcribed, the time spent editing the document so far and the current time of the audio file playback.


  • Microsoft Word 2000 or later
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player (normally installed with your Windows operating system or via Windows Update) I am using version 7.


Download and Install setup file. Once this has been installed open Word and see if a new toolbar has been installed.

If the tool bar is not visible, go to View -> Toolbars and ensure that 'Transcription' is present in the list of toolbars and then mark the Toolbar as visible by clicking on the 'Transcription' option.