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Property Window

  Property Window 8.3

Thomas Allin's Property Window is an ActiveX control for editing properties and has a very pleasing and functional user interface.

I use this control extensively in my work so I speak from experience when I say I have found it particularly useful. For a free control it can save you quite a bit considering you no longer have to pay for a commercial equivalent.

Versions 7.0 and below

The version available here is the latest version. For versions 7.0 and below the control can be downloaded from Thomas's web page at www.vb-components.com.

Version 8.0

Since taking over the source for this control I have reworked some aspects to eliminate some small bugs and scalability problems. I have also taken the opportunity to rework and rationalise all the object model interfaces as well as the underlying architecture.

This means that you cannot simply replace version 7.0 with version 8.0. It will require some reworking of the code using the control before you are able to replace 7.0 for 8.0. A full object-model helpfile is included in the setup and merge modules for this control.

Version 8.1

This version has some minor adjustments and fixes as listed below. A new help file has been developed and filled out documenting the object model and how it can be used including full context sensitive help. I am also grateful for the improvemenst and contributions from Alfonso Martínez de L. who added the Visible attribute to properties, improving control and flexibility. Further enhancements include:

  • Visible property added to Properties
  • Locked and Enabled behaviour of properties (as per the Textbox control) Note: This has changed the behaviour of the Locked attribute which is included in version 8.0
  • Fixed the Installer and the MergeModule which was installing the control in the wrong place.
  • Allow filename boxes to be editable as well as having the ellipsis button (using the new Locked/Enabled) properties


  • Updated the msm and setup procedures to ensure the same build
  • Added the options to install a sample VB application into the setup procedure

Version 8.2

[17/11/2003 - Release]

Added some requested fixes and extra functionality as follows:

  • Added EnabledColor and DisabledColor properties to customise the colours of the properties.
  • Added a property called SortAlphabetically which affects the way properties are added to the control. When set to false properties appear in the in the order in which they are added.
  • Fixed the pwColor property so that it returns 'Empty' when no value has been set rather than defaulting to Black.

[20/11/2003 - Revision 1]

  • Fixed the binary compatability so that it properly replaces version 8.1 without the need to recompile the host applications.

Version 8.3

[30/04/2004 - Release]

The Property Window control has been released as Open Source software and a project set up at Source Forge. The control is now released under the Lesser General Public Licence and contributions are welcome.



Download and Install setup file. Source code and merge modules are also available.

NOTE:  If you are just downloading the source-code, I recommend that you download the installer first and run it.  There are a couple of OCX dependencies which are required that the installer will set up for you.