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I have benefited from free software provided on the web for many years and I thought it was time to get myself organised to give something back. I hope that you find these tools useful.

Transcriber 1.0

A MS Word Addin utility to assist a typist in transcribing audio files playable by Windows Media Player into text. It adds a toolbar to microsoft word with several buttons on it.

Property Window 8

This propertyWindow is similar to the one found in the VB 6 IDE, property window is an ActiveX control I have found particularly useful and has a very pleasing and functional user interface. For a free control it can save you quite a bit considering you no longer have to pay for a commercial equivalent.

This has now been updated to remove legacy items and rationalise the architecture. Version 8 is now available on this site.

Popup Window 1.0 A fully functional popup window which emulates the MSN messenger popup. It implements a mutex message to prevent it overlapping the MSN messenger window if this is being used as well.
Visio 2002 Extension Utilities for developers This is a small toolbar to enable the Visio developer to edit and change local and universal names. Something which is incredibly difficult to do otherwise, and yet has far reaching consequences.