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Home Network

For those of you interested in the technology, the following describes my current home network setup. The diagram below shows the basic network architecture.

The most interesting parts for the network are the NSLU2 NAS unit, the FM114P Netgear Router and the MCW770 Philips stereo.

The router is quite an old model now, but I have been running it for almost 3 years on my cable broadband without any problems. I like the fact that it has a built in printer port and the setup is simple yet powerful.

The NSLU2 is another great bit of kit. It's small (about the size of a DAT tape) but runs linux and has been comprehensively hacked, started by the Tom's Networking article. There is a very lively and extensive support for further developing the NSLU2 with extra functionality which can be found at the NSLU2-Linux site. I have extended mine with mounting FAT32 formatted drives (the Maxtor 250) running SSH logins through the firwall allowing SCP and access to my files remotely.

I have also installed Twonkyvision on the NSLU2 turning it into a uPnP media server which serves my MP3 collection into the wireless network capability of the MCW770 micro stereo. This means that the uPnP aspects of the stereo are available even when none of the laptops are present.

The kit that is available now for the home network is very powerful and we are beginning to see some very interesting capabilities emerge.